“As many policemen gathered as Armenian Army” (video)

“As many policemen gathered as Armenian Army for frightening people with power or what? I came to say the policemen that they are few and for being more frightening, 2000 more must gather, what do they want to do?”- in such a way explained his presence at the Afrikyans house actor Hovhannes Azoyan.

What concerns to the Afrikyans house, which is being dismantled even now, the actor thinks, “I know that it is a historical-cultural value and it will be better that it is maintained, if it is a value, why it is destroyed, if they want to build something new, then can do it by preserving the old.”

To the question, what he thinks about the clashes between the activists and the police, Hovhannes Azoyan answered, “I want our activists speak without bad words and swearing, and if after that the police behaves like it behaved yesterday, it means that we don’t have police.”