“Future of Armenia depends on Russia” (video)

The date of membership of Armenia in the Eurasian Economic Union will be decided by Russia. Serzh Sargsyan’s mentioned date on May 29 was just a suggestion, Armenian politicians are sure.

According to Ruben Mehrabyan, “Armenia has been willingly deprived of its power since September 3 leaving it all to Russia.”

“Russia decides for 100 percent, they are just busy with Ukraine, it seems that they have become weaker, but it isn’t right, international sanctions make them maneuver and solve the problem in a civil way,”- adds Levon Shirinyan.

Russia is very busy with other issues and Armenia has to wait the membership in the EEU and it is still unknown under what conditions. Management specialist Harutyun Mesrobyan continues claiming that there are three problems, which Armenia can’t avoid independent what union it will join:

1. Armenia has no general border with any union

2. Armenia has Artsakh issue

3. Taking into consideration that every union includes supranational bodies, there is possibility of loss of sovereignty. And question arises, whether the expected loss and membership losses are consistent with the priorities, which we expect.

As no question has clear answer, Armenia must depend on the wishes of Russia, the most dangerous of which is pleasing Azerbaijan. Ruben Mehrabyan notes, “Armenian’s interests are minor for Russia, which it will use for pleasing Azerbaijan.”

Politicians consider that it isn’t likely that Azerbaijan joins the EEU: for the simple reason, as that country has no such desire, as there are obstacles.

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