Mesrop Movsesyan: Armenia will become a trump card (video)

What awaits Armenians if the country joins the Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU)?

“We shall feel the burden of all problems that are today menacing the countries of the Central Asia and Russia. Russia is ready to impose their problems to us. What shall we lose if we follow the Russian Federation? We shall undoubtedly lose the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, our chances of neighbourhood with Azerbaijan and Turkey and will become the trump card that Armenia used to be for centuries,” President of A1+ TV Company Mesrop Movsesyan said during today’s discussion at the National Press Club.

He says this is a serious problem and if he had been asked to express his personal opinion on the matter, he would have expressed his definite position, but ‘the Armenian government does not discuss such matters with us.’

With regard to July 1 when Armenia is supposed to sign an agreement on its accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, Mesrop Movsesyan said the signing of the document would be postponed for an indefinite time, given Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. “So, we have time to discuss the matter once again and understand everything correctly.”

Mr. Movsisyan says the “both … and” policy is acceptable but, unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to make use of the policy. We have a very strict policy typical of Putin and European policy full of reverences and courtesy. The reason is that the European Union will not come into conflict with the Russian Federation. As a result, we appear in the focus of attention as usual but do not get any benefits. Superpowers come into collision with each other, and we wait for the crumbs left for us.”

Mesrop Movsesyan calls on the EU to express a clearer position to become a counterweight to the rough policy of the Russian Federation. This will allow Armenia to draw its conclusions.