Armenian weapons exhibition in Sardarapat

Today there were many people in Sardarapat: gunsmiths’ day was celebrated there. As recently smith’s craft has been forgotten, “Chilingaryan-Mamikonyan family” historic-ethnographic NGO head Mels Chilingaryan organized an exhibition, where smiths from different regions of Armenia, as well as from Yerevan took part. Armenian weapons as well as from the ordnances of the First World War to modern weapons were exhibited. Exhibition participant, smith Ashot was working in the presence of all, and to the question, whether people appreciate smiths’ work, Ashot Galstyan answered, “There are people, who appreciate and there are also those, who say that it is a simply a piece of metal.”

“Aspar Arms” company smith thinks that Armenian weapon making has great future, “Now there is no country in the world, where all the details of the weapon are made wholly, if we look from that point of view, Armenian weapon making doesn’t yield. What’s more, Armenian weapon making is developing.”

We also note that RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan and senior clergy were also present at the event. “Karin” ethnographical dance ensemble was also present.