“Kia Rio” crashed “Zil 130”

On June 21 at 00:33 a call was received that in Yerevan Margaryan Street, near “Kaiser” supermarket, car accident happened, there is a victim, help is needed.

A rescue group went on the scene.

It turned out that under unknown circumstances “Kia Rio” 21 ՍՍ 639 (driver S. B. born in 1950) crashed “Center-landscaping” LLC “Zil 130” 336ՍՍ63 car (driver A. Kh.)

Before the rescuers came, “Kia Rio” car driver S. B. had been taken out of the car and hospitalized into “Armenia” medical center, where driver’s health status is critical.

Rescuers turned off the electricity of “Kia Rio” car and closed the gas valve.