Whether it is five, four or three, it isn’t important: Hovik Abrahamyan (video)

“Whether it is five, four or three, the government is ready to cooperate, if the suggestions are wise,”- today turning to 12 points of non-governmental powers, announced Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan. He took part in “Smart solutions for smart business” 7th annul DigiTek Business forum, “The demands of non-governmental powers may be formulated as “cooperation” or “suggestion”.

In any case, we are discussing and any smart suggestion will be accepted. Most of 12 points of non-governmental four is expressed in the government project, which was approved by the NA,”- noted Prime Minister and added that it isn’t important for the government who raises the issues, “Our work is important, which will develop our economy.”

He also turned to government’s new project on mandatory funded system, reminding the journalists that state sector salaries will increase: this was defined as a brave step, “We define targeted social payment for the state sector, it is a right step, and for the private sector it is delayed until July 1, 2014, after that it will be mandatory for everybody.”