Draft on fines was approved (video)

Today at the extraordinary session with 98 for, 2 against, 5 abstained votes, the NA adopted changes intended in the RA “Administrative violations” law. It was suggested in this draft that traffic violation fines should be reduced.

BHK party secretary Naira Zohrabyan announced that as this draft also derives from the demands of the four, they will vote for it.

The NA also affirmed the changes in “Food security state control” law. HAK party secretary Aram Manukyan announced that this law simply mustn’t be voted, as it is a nonsense. We remind that it is noted in the law- it is banned to scare the animals, to provoke animals against each other, to remove animals’ nails, to castrate without anesthesia.

Today the NA continued discussing the changes in “Funded Pensions” law. By the way, tomorrow, on Saturday, the parliament will continue discussions.