When Garni temple must be closed (video)

The use of historical-cultural value is accepted in all the civil countries. Today in the conversation with A1+ said architect, “Haynakhagits” company director Grigor Azizyan turning to the evening organized by the Central Bank yesterday in Garni temple. He even brought examples, “In Egypt Luxor city, in one of the famous temples, corporate event was held. I saw the same in Vienna, there was an open air café in one of the famous palaces, I sat down, drank coffee and enjoyed the scene,”- he told.

According to him, there is only legislative gap in this issue, “It must be clear for what and when it is used. The event must be held when there are no tourists.”

Turning to the Afrikyans house dismantling, which is done without permission, Mr. Azizyan said, “The fact is that it is destroyed. In “Closed Market” case there was also no permission, but happened what happened.”