29 families in 4th category emergency building (video)

29 families live in fear. To remind it to the Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, Armavir region Lenughi community 4th category emergency building residents were in front of the Government building.

“If there aren’t this building’s corners, the building is divided into two parts, the building will be useless,”- noted Hamlet Khachatryan.

According to the residents, they are deprived of simple household conditions. Even natural gas is banned in the building.

Lenughi residents are even ready to take money from the Government as a compensation and build houses by themselves. They are even afraid of marrying their children, “My son is 25 years old, but no one wants to marry him as there is no water and gas in our house…,”- notes Zaruhi Hakobyan.

Details in the video