The Customs Union against high heels and shoes without heels (video)

It is possible that the import of high heels and shoes without heels into the CC countries is banned, as, according to the specialists, they harm people’s health, cause problems connected with the spine, internal organs, even with the brain.

By the way, it also refers to men, who have foot problems, which causes problems during call-up. We learn about this from “Izvestia”.

Deputy Mikheev noted that 40 percent of the RF population has foot problems and also all the conscripts have that problem. And it is because of the shoes without heels.

The Customs Union regulation sets standards for shoes, taking into consideration their water resistance, chemical composition and so on.

Eurasian Economic Union press service informed that they are studying all the suggestions.

We remind that before this, the import of lace underwear was banned into the CC area according to some standards, but it wasn’t unequivocally adopted by the commission.

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