Civil movement is determined to save the last crumbs of Old Yerevan (video)

“Today we are facing the criminal oligarchic system that has already privatized the area where the Afrikian’s House stands but we are determined to struggle till the end,” civil activist Helena Melkonyan told A1+ on Wednesday.

She hopes that many people will join their protests in order to save the last crumbs of what was once known as Old Yerevan.

At present, the activists are grouped near the Afrikian’s House and plan to hold an awareness-raising march from there.

The Afrikian Club Building is a unique late 19th-20th century structure listed among architectural heritage of national importance which is today included on a government list of properties subject to demolition.

Starting from June 9, 2014 the contractor agency started to dismantle the building.  Thanks to the efforts of a few dozens of citizens, professionals and media it has been possible to abort the dismantling attempts so far. However, the demolition resumed today morning.