Four non-coalition forces thwart voting on controversial bill, Republican MPs get into cars and drive away

Members of Dem am  (I am against) movement campaigning against funded pensions have gathered outside the parliament building to voice their protest at the government-submitted bill that suggests replacing funded pensions with targeted social payments.

The group is now considering its further steps and is going to block entrance of the building so that HHK lawmakers cannot enter the parliament.

The reason is that today’s vote on the controversial bill was disrupted because the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) did not constitute the quorum. For the first time, the four non-governing forces in parliament were able to disrupt the vote, relying on the Rules of Procedure.

However, several minutes ago HHK MPs Arakel Movisyan and Samvel Alexanyan left the parliament building and came up to the backdoor. Seeing them, the group began chanting “Shame, Lfik.” The MPs got into the cars and drove away.