“Russia is not a show-off like the USA” (video)

Why does the U.S. Embassy in Armenia occupy such a large area?

The question has been interesting members of the “Towards the Eurasian Union” civil movement since 2013. Today they again gathered outside the Embassy to get an answer to the question and find out how many hectares of land the Embassy received by law.

It is still unknown why the movement decided to get an answer to their concern at the threshold of Armenia’s accession to the European Union. However, the group claims that the Embassy should occupy a smaller area in Armenia.

Gagik Hakobyan, a pro-Russian member of the group, says the Russian Embassy would not permit itself such a luxury. “The Russian Embassy is not a show-off; people working there are modest persons. It is the USA that interferes everywhere.”

Employees of the Embassy soon came out to talk to the group. They took their letter and promised to answer it in the near future.