Styopa Safaryan: Galust Sahakyan must send a note of protest to NATO PA

Styopa Safaryan, a member of the opposition Heritage party, says Armenian Parliament Speaker Galust Sahakyan should send a note of protest to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, as well as to all international organizations that intend to hold any event in Baku.

“No event can be organised or held in a country that cannot receive the delegates of its rival state in a civilized manner, that offends their human and national dignity and utters a torrent of threats on them. Today we witnessed how they [Azerbaijanis] treated Tevan Poghosyan, a delegate of the Armenian delegation to the NATO PA. We should remind NATO of the previous incidents (Euronest Parliamentary Assembly in 2012, NATO Rose-Roth Seminar in 2004). That country (Azerbaijan) represents a direct threat to everyone and similar events simply reinforce its militaristic and fascist regime,” Styopa Safaryan wrote on his Facebook account.