Azerbaijan’s provocations continue in Baku

During the Baku-hosted summit of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Azerbaijanis continued to provoke Armenian delegates. “Everyone in Armenia is a terrorist, starting from the head of the country,” said Azerbaijanis.

Tevan Pogosyan, a representative of the Armenian delegation, told, that Azerbaijanis were infuriated after he referred in his speech to the Sumgait pogroms. “They gave the name of Khojaly, but I explained the idea and essence of the conflict and said that they were the first to use force, stating pogroms in Sumgait and continuing the in Kirovabad and Baku. I reminded them about the weapons bought from the Soviet Union, and said that inspired by the amount of the firearms, they thought they could win the war,” said Tevan Pogosyan.

Azerbaijanis referred to Pogosyan’s father’s actions in Karabakh and said that the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan has started probe into the matter and ‘Interpol will find and punish him.’

In reply, Tevan Poghosyan said, “I am proud of my father and of everything that he has done for Armenia and Karabakh. I am grateful to him for making me a patriot and giving me a good education. I am going to continue my father’s work.”

Tevan Poghosyan also confirmed the reports that Azerbaijan demanded the expulsion of Armenians from the NATO Parliamentary Assembly but it will not happen.

“NATO divested Russia of the right to vote at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly for two years. Why is not Armenia being expelled despite occupation and terror?” said Azerbaijanis.