Kessab is liberated but in miserable condition

Syrian-Armenian Vazgen Mesropyan, Vice-Chairman of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party, today congratulated everyone on the liberation of Kessab, an Armenian-populated town in northwestern Syria, at the same time adding that Kessab is in a terrible plight.

“Though the terrorists have fled to the country’s border with Turkey, they have destroyed Armenian churches and cemeteries in Kessab,” he said. “The picture is especially terrible in the center of Kessab where houses and churches are left burning. About an hour ago, I had a phone conversation with several Armenians who said they have neither water nor electricity.”

Vazgen Mesropyan says many of Kessab Armenians returned to their homes on Monday. “Even three families left Armenia for Kessab,” he said adding that the situation remains tense in Armenian-populated district of Nor Gyugh in Aleppo. “Nor Gyugh has become a deserted place which is constantly bombarded. The situation is very miserable there – people do not have water, electricity. Today we have liberated Kessab and I wish the same fate to Aleppo in the near future.”