The year 2050 without oil and gas

The negotiations on climate change wrapped up in Bonn. Countries dealt with drawing up a new agreement, which will enter into force after 2020, as well as they worked on the rules of the second term of the Kyoto Protocol till 2020, as “Khazer” NO Chairman Amalya Hambardzumya told EcoLur from Bonn. The global warming is expected to increase by 4 degrees at the end of this century, which will lead to disastrous consequences.

By 2050, 65 countries should refrain from using fossil fuel to keep the warming up to 2 degrees, including Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and other EU countries, several island countries, least developed countries and a group of Latin American countries have already declared about their intention to refrain from using fossil fuel, oil and gas by 2050. During the negotiations not only reduction of greenhouse gases was discussed, but also the need to adopt adaptation needs in each country and to increase governmental commitment for the performance of its obligations, reports