Aharon Adibekyan is often asked why he did not become a kingpin (video)

Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan has not forgotten the words of Vano Siradeghyan – I am the best thief in law.

“No matter how much we might dislike the former Interior Minister [Vano Siradeghyan], we should not forget his considerable efforts to mitigate the influence of the criminal elements in Armenia,” says sociologist.

“Let us not forget that Vano Siradeghyan called all criminals and said that they had 24 hours to leave the country or get engaged in other business,” Aharon Adibekyan said adding that the very ultimatum made many criminals leave Armenia.

He says movies and the environment greatly affect teens and make them feel love for the criminal world and thieves in law. However, he believes that parents can keep their children away from the disease. The sociologist, who grew up in Yerevan’s Kond district, has met many criminal authorities who had different ideologies and backgrounds.

“I often meet with them, and every time they ask me, “Aharon, how did you happen to become a scientist, and we became criminals? I say that everything depends on one’s family background,” says Mr. Adibekyan.

“You say he [Vano Siradeghyan] forced criminals leave Armenia but as you see there are many petty thieves around us. It would be much better if they stayed in the country,” said Tereza Asatryan, another guest at the Forum club.

She believes that false and incorrect information is spread about criminals and thieves.

“They speak and write about thieves without knowing the true meaning of the word. In my life I happened to meet many of them and was even photographed with a thief in law,” said Tereza Asatryan who had an opportunity to meet world-famous kingpin “Yaponchik.”