Aharon Adibekyan is going to share his opinion with Russian journalist (video)

Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan partly agrees with the opinion of Russian state TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev, who said at the Armenian National Assembly that the Russian language is regressing in Armenia.

He reminds that most of the tourists who arrive in Armenia come from Russia and Europe and if a taxi driver does not speak English, he should at least know Russian.

“The French do not like the English language in the same way as we do not like Georgian or Turkish, but as every year millions of tourists come to France, mainly from English-speaking countries, French learn English, they are forced to learn English,” says the sociologist.

However, Aharon Adibekyan says he did not like the way Kiselev expressed his opinion; it sounded like an order given by an elder brother, rather than advice. The sociologist is going to tell his opinion to the Russian journalist as soon as they meet.