Paruyr Hayrikyan: They take us for crazy people (video)

Chairman of the Union for National Self-Determination (AIM) Paruyr Hayrikyan considers Armenia’s accession to the Russian-led Customs Union as illogical, given the fact that Russia sells weapons to Armenia’s enemy – Azerbaijan.

“They think we are crazy,” says Paruyr Hayrikyan.

“How can we join the Customs Union if we consider Russia to be our friend and ally but Russia apparently sells arms to Azerbaijan and they kill us with those arms?” Hayrikyan said during an AIM meeting in Yerevan.

The AIM leader stressed once again that he connects Armenia’s future with the European Union and believes that Europe is the choice of any civilized country and citizen. “If you ask anyone where he or she would like to rest in Moscow or in Paris, the answer will be in Paris, which means that many people give preference to Europe.”

Speaking about Armenia’s political parties, Hayrikyan said, “There is only the AIM and Kremlin party in Armenia, nothing else.”

The AIM chairman says the constitutional reforms will have a negative outcome as ‘they are in violation of Armenian citizens and will reduce the level of democracy in the country.’