Football World Cup starts

Today 20th Football World Cup starts in Brazil.

According to the tradition, the tournament opening is entrusted to the organizing country team. At the first match Brazil team will host Croatia at “Arena Korintians’ stadium in San Paulo.

It will be the second match of the teams. The friendly match in 2005 was a draw- 1:1, but in 2006 Brazil won with 1:0 score.

In general, organizing countries start tournaments successfully. In former 19 cases field owners won the first match for 14 times, 6 matches were a draw (in 2002 the championship was held in two countries- Japan and South Korea).

Brazilian team took part in the opening matches of the World Cup for three times. In two cases Brazil won (in 1950 with Mexico- 4:0, in 1988 with Scotland- 2:1), and one match was a draw (in 1974 with Yugoslavia- 0:0). Brazilians started last 8 world championships with victory.

Bookmakers consider Brazil the main favorite of the match, which victory is 7 times more than that of Croatia.

We add that World Cup opening match of 2014 is today at 24:00. The match is entrusted to Japanese referees headed by Yuichy Nakamura.