A number of illnesses isn’t included in the free package (video)

The changes in free social packages provided by the state have good response among stakeholders, today announced Health Ministry representative Samvel Kharazyan.

“Health insurance mandatory component of that package was transferred to the Health ministry. Afterwards the representatives of that package- civil servants, don’t have to pay money to any insurance company, but to the Health Ministry, which will transfer to this or that medical institution. The change has been exercised since 2012,”- noted Health Ministry representative.

Domestic goods producers union head Vazgen Safaryan considers this step important, “The cooperation with intermediary companies creates additional inconveniences.”

According to him, there are a number of illnesses, which aren’t included in the list of free illnesses, “Diabetes diseases, spinal diseases, liver dissatisfaction disease aren’t included and the reason is the lack of money.”

Mr. Safaryan noted that stakeholders’ family members can’t use that insurance, “This issue must be raised so that the government can include it into the package. For example in Germany, both the minister and the unemployed use the same health care services for free.”