Film was screened dedicated to Andranik Margaryan

According to the formed tradition, for already seventh year, “Andranik Margaryan” friends group organizes an event dedicated to the birthday anniversary of RA outstanding Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan in “Narekatsi” arts union. The evening, dedicated to the 63rd anniversary, started with film screening about Andranik Margaryan’s life and work.

Prime Minister’s family members, Yerevan Municipality staff representatives, state-political figures and many Yerevan residents were present at the commemorating evening. Prime Minister’s friends recalled Andranik Margaryan and stressed that the organized evening is an opportunity to speak about the great patriot, personality with national and state thinking, for whom Armenian land and country were very precious.

People present noted that younger generation has much to learn from the great devotee of the nation, who was born a patriot, and proved it for many times. According to the formed tradition, during the event Andranik Margaryan’s aphorism, selected for this year, was read, “A nation, which can remember and praise its ancestors, will live forever.”

Within frames of the event, “Narekatsi” arts union representatives handed souvenirs to outstanding Prime Minister’s family members.

Yerevan Municipality Information and Public Relations Department