What effects will cause electricity price increase (video)

Another blow to RA citizen’s pocket, this time through electricity price increase. If the decision is made, a citizen will have to pay 41,85 AMD instead of 38 AMD for electricity.

The reason of increase isn’t convincing. According to the official version, there is 20 billions AMD crisis in the energy system, which for the unknown reasons must be solved at the expense of customers. Public service management committee president Robert Nazaryan assures that the committee has also though about a consumer, “We have though well, and I can say, if you read their applications according to expenditure articles, you will see that we denied unreasoned ones.”

Yesterday “Prosperous Armenia” party members met Public service management committee members. They consider electricity price increase by 40 percent in a year unacceptable.

“Informed and protected consumer” NGO head Babken Pipoyan predicts inflation in case of electricity price increase. He even doesn’t want to imagine what it will be for RA citizens. He studies the committee’s clarifications, does calculations, but he doesn’t understand why the average wholesale price of electricity has become 18,83 AMD from 16,4, which is noted as cost price by electricity networks.

How people comment on all these- below