There will be some economic disagreement with Ukraine

Armenian-Ukrainian relations will develop in the same way as in the past. Today at the meeting with journalists said Ukrainian Ambassador in Armenia Ivan Kukhta answering A1+ question, “Former priorities remain, Armenian-Ukrainian relations will deepen in all the spheres, especially economic.” Today at the meeting with journalists Ivan Kukhta reminded that he had such a meeting two months ago, “After that I left Armenia for consultations, but I returned, everything is normal,”- said the Ambassador.

Then the Ambassador passed to Ukrainian elections and said that he admires the results, “Whole Ukraine was waiting for those elections. I personally took part and can say that I have never seen such enthusiastic elections.”

Ambassador reminded that Serzh Sargsyan congratulated newly appointed President Poroshenko, “It is very important for Armenian-Ukrainian relations.”

To A1+ question, wasn’t it strange for Ambassador, that the head of Armenian delegation during President’s inauguration was Education Minister Armen Ashotyan, Mr. Kukhta said, “We highly appreciated that fact, it is a high level.” Though there is crisis in Ukraine now, Ambassador is optimistic, “Ukraine awaits peaceful future,”- he said by assuring that in the near future Ukraine will sign Association agreement with the European Union, as the country has no alternative. Ivan Kukhta also thinks that Armenia-Ukraine relations won’t be affected after Armenia’s joining the Eurasian Economic Union, “Ukraine’s and Armenia’s relations will deepen. Of course, there will be some economic disagreement, but they will be solved.” Ambassador also thinks that Ukraine will never refuse integration with Europe.