“We have no idea about our capacity” (video)

The economic situation of Armenian economy is shameful, thinks economist Tatul Manaseryan. The economist analyzed the economic potential of our country and came to a conclusion that it has had controversial developments for years. Today at the meeting with journalists he said, “This isn’t connected with the Government, it is connected with objective factors from abroad, but most of all from us. The situation must be estimated realistically.”

But anyway, the economist is optimistic, “We have good capacity, but it isn’t used and we have no idea about it,”- he said and added that for having economic increase, a number of activities must be carried out, “Form a mixed investment system of state and private sector, which will raise the confidence toward the government. The reduction of unemployment among the youth and creation of jobs are also very important. It will reduce migration,”- summed up Mr. Manaseryan.