“Nazarbaev will be shown his place” (video)

Joining the Eurasian Economic Union will be economically beneficial for Armenia. Thinks NA HHK party Deputy Tachat Vardapetyan.

But according to him not everything will be easy. According to deputy, there will be unpleasant moments as for example it was on May 29, when Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev read Ilham Aliev’s letter in Astana.

“That issue got its answer, when it was commented by the President, there may be unpleasant questions in the near future, not everything will be easy, we must try to make the membership in that union economically beneficial for us,”- noted the deputy and added that the question is not appropriate,- It proves that Astana wasn’t ready for organizing that meeting and Nazarbayev’s rating fell after that letter.”

BHK Deputy Aragats Akhoyan is sure that Nazarbayev will be reproached by other member countries of the union for reading Azerbaijani President’s letter in Astana, “Nazarbayev will be shown his place and will be said to deal with issues, which are meant by the Eurasian Economic Union.”