“It’s the same as to cut the RA- NKR umbilical cord” (video)

If the RA doesn’t lead independent foreign policy, it simply responds to foreign challenges. Today live on A1+ said the RA delegation former head in the PACE Hovhannes Igityan turning to the Eurasian Union session in Astana.

Mr. Igityan notes that nobody doesn’t give clarifications what will happen, if the RA expresses its opinion based on its interests, “I am sure that Ukrainian events won’t be repeated. It’s just surprising that there wasn’t an official response to Nazarbaev’s announcement when he was reading Aliev’s letter relating to the NKR. Our country hasn’t given written answer, only some HHK members have given separate answers.”

Mr. Igityan is sure that HHK members don’t have RA-NKR formula in the Eurasian Union, “They speak with street level diplomacy. I even exclude to discuss that the RA can have a border with the NKR. It is the same, as we imagine that grape is brought from Ashtarak to Yerevan and customs duty is demanded for that. Document won’t be signed on having RA-NKR checkpoint. It is the same as to cut the RA- NKR umbilical cord.”