Which is the fault of special services of Armenia?

“Russia has taken everything possible from Armenia and Armenia is already treated in negative emotional sphere, example of which is the behavior of Kazakhstan President,”- announced political and international relations Armenian center director Aghasi Yenokyan in the debate on “Armenia’s prospective in the Eurasian Union”, which was organized by the initiative of “Media Center”.

Nazarbaev’s announcement doesn’t surprise ethnographer Hranush Karatyan, “There was nothing surprising in what happened in Astana, it was expectable for us, as it was surprise neither with its form nor with plot.”

Another participant of the debate, Armenian Democratic party President Aram Sargsyan thinks that sinners of Nazarbaev’s speech must be searched in Armenia, “It is the guilt of special services of Armenia, which hadn’t known about the announcement, that’s why a brilliant opportunity was missed to express our clear position on that topic.

What refers to the NKR, Nazarbayev tried to please Aliev in that way. And Serzh Sargsyan must have said, if you want Artsakh people to starve, it will be. I am sure that he knows well that Artsakh products are exported to foreign market through the RA and it will be continued.” “Armenia’s prospective in the Eurasian Union” debate participants think that the RF President Vladimir Putin knew about Nazarbaev’s announcement, but Nazarbaev’s announcement and Serzh Sargsyan’s not signing the document in Astana proved that Armenia isn’t a founding member of that union and can’t be.

Globalization and regional cooperation analytical center head Stepan Grigoryan called debate participants not to pay attention to only Nazarbaev’s announcement and attracted their attention on Belarus President Lukashenko’s words:

“We speak much about Nazarbaev, but Belarus President Lukashenko also raises serious issues, who says that Armenia can’t join the Eurasian Union with such freedom,”- noted Stepan Grigoryan.