Gas “conflict” and Putin’s rough announcements

Serbia has to stop “Southern stream” project activities, as long as the negotiations between Bulgaria, Russia and the European Union continue. According to Serbian media, it was said by country’s Deputy Prime Minister.

But after this announcement Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vuchich announced that the government is not going to stop the construction of the gas pipe. Informs “Аргументы и Факты”.

Yesterday Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski also announced about termination of the project explaining that Bulgarian government is waiting for the decision of Brussels. Informs “ИТАР-ТАСС”.

We remind that recently the European Committee has suggested stopping “Southern stream” project activities, until it doesn’t correspond to the standards and rules of the EU.

On this background yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that no country can refuse the economic cooperation with the RF voluntarily. Writes “”.

“The situation has always been difficult,”- said Putin and added that everything calms down only when “humanitarian” help is sent to Russia”,- but when Russia gets strong, the situation becomes unstable.” The RF President also noted that they will always cooperate with partner countries.

Many specialists think that Russia- the European Union gas “conflict” is connected with Ukrainian crisis, according to their words, the European Union tries to put pressure on the RF and make Russia count with Ukrainian newly appointed President Poroshenko.

We remind that this “Southern stream” project intends to build gas pipe under the Black Sea, which costs 16 billions euro. This Russian-Italian-French-German project activities started in 2012 and must be finished in 2015. It is intended to transfer 63 billion cubic meters of gas through this pipeline annually. After joining Crimea with Russia, the EU started speaking about the termination of the project.