University heads have different approaches to the organization of admission (video)

879 applicants instead of last year’s 530 and 900 more with 2nd, 3rd and 4th applications. It is the number of applicants of the National Agrarian University of Armenia.

The reason for increase of the applicants of the National Agrarian University is that entering to some faculties of the university is without exams, only with school certificate grades, “We have 127 places in Department of Agronomy, but 128 applications, it is an exceptional case for last 10 years. We have 108 places in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and 128 applications,”- introduces Armenia’s National Agrarian University vice Rector Yuri Marmaryan.

This method is not for ensuring the number of applicants, but making specialists of agriculture field, assures vice Rector, and the majority of applicants of Agrarian University are from regions, who don’t have money for tutor, “Entering is easy, but graduating will be difficult, it’s obvious that those, who won’t study will be out.”

The picture is the opposite in Yerevan State Engineering University. The number of applicants is 22 percent less compared with the last year, but University’s Deputy Rector Hovhannes Tokmajyan doesn’t hurry to accept students with school certificate grades, “I don’t want to praise or criticize. The results can be seen after several years. If students work later, the method will be justified, but if universities are filled with bad specialists, it can have the opposite influence.”

Mr. Tokmajyan is sure that the number of applicants in his university has reduced as there isn’t need of engineering personnel. Young people seek easier jobs. Mr. Tokmajyan prefers other option to attract the applicants’ attention.

What the methods are, watch in the video