Galust Sahakyan: “Constitution isn’t business of politicians” (video)

How will Serzh Sargsyan keep the power after constitutional reforms? This question interests also Justice Deputy Minister Grigori Muradyan, “He said clearly that he wouldn’t become Prime Minister, if we pass to parliamentarian government system.”

According to Deputy Minister, initiating the reforms Serzh Sargsyan won’t try to keep also President’s post, but it doesn’t mean that he will leave Armenian political field, “Why to exclude that he can’t pretend to any other position. Will it be logical?”

Serzh Sargsyan has a strong reason for keeping the power, according to Republican Deputy Ashot Aghababyan, “I think that he is in the government forever, as he governs the Republican party.”

ARF party head Armen Rustamyan doesn’t think that Serzh Sargsyan will try to keep power through reforms. And for this Dashnaktsutyun wants to change the Constitution, “Two things can happen if the same system is preserved, either the authorities will find their successors and it will seem that people are changed and the government preserved the same style and government system, which we have already seen, or there will be government change and again people will come and be tempted with powers and again nothing will be changed.”

HAK party head Levon Zurabyan is sure that Serzh Sargsyan creates new Constitution, as this Constitution hinders him to become a President for the third time, “The only reason for the reforms is the creation of opportunity for reelection.”

HAK is against changing the semi- presidential system, besides there isn’t constitutional crisis in the country and the illegalities have nothing to do with the Constitution, “It is connected with violations of Constitution, fake elections and many abuses.”

The NA President notes that the Constitution is changed as they have heard other parties’ complaints on the drawbacks of the Constitution. In that case why has Serzh Sargsyan applied to advocates’ support while initiating the reforms and not to politicians? Galust Sahakyan doesn’t see anything odd in this, “I don’t consider the Constitution to be a political business, it must correspond to legal functions than to political, as politics can change, and the Constitution is to keep and preserve the public.”