Why Kikabidze changed the name of the book? (video)

He dreamt of becoming a painter and didn’t even think that he could sing or be filmed. Then he was involved in music and began to be filmed. He became famous, renowned and beloved singer and actor. His songs and roles- hits and not only for one generation.

And when Georgi Danielyan’s “Mimino” movie appeared on the screen, Valiko’s role and “Chito-grito” song became symbols of Buba Kikabidze.

Vakhtang Kikabidze is in Yerevan. Today his “My years are my treasure” concert will be held at Sundukyan National Academic Theater.

“Regardless of concert tours, I often visit Yerevan. I have many friends in Yerevan,”- he said.

At the meeting with journalists Kikabidze, who after Georgian-Russian military clash publicly refused Russia’s Order of Friendship of Peoples and decided not to return to Moscow any more, didn’t want to speak about politics, spoke about his art, shared his warm memories about Mher Mkrtchyan and Alexander Hekimyan, on their friendship, spoke also about his “Person of Caucasian nationality” book and why it was renamed “They”.

Details later in the video