NKR Prime Minister in Hadrut villages

On June 8 Artsakh Prime Minister Ara Harutyunyan visited Hadrut villages, which have been recently hail hit in order to meet the residents and get acquainted with the situation.

According to Prime Minister’s words, the President ordered to support those villages. Jrakus and Kyuratagh community heads introduced the amount of damage. According to them, about 1000 ha sowing area and gardens were partially or wholly damaged.

Prime Minister informed that autumn sowing work will be carried out by the government for those villagers, who suffered the most. What’s more all damaged villagers will get free of land tax and payments and will get loans for agriculture work.

Prime Minister gave concrete orders and promises for development of villagers’ social condition. Particularly local people will be included in construction work in their communities. A. Harutyunyan promised that economic development initiatives will be supported, which will create additional income sources for the families.

Answering question Prime Minister mainly turned to house building problems. He noted that in the near future house building project in villages will start, which will provide necessary resources to villagers on preferential terms.

NKR Government Information and Public Relations Department