Why is situation tense especially on Nakhijevan border?

Why is situation tense especially on Nakhijevan border and what is the reason?

It’s not a secret that Azerbaijani membership in the Eurasian Union issue is under discussion. This scenario is logical and realistic based on Russian-Turkish prospective cooperation, which we witnessed in Astana. And there is a question, which is the cost in case of which Azerbaijani will agree to become a member of the Eurasian Union. It’s obvious that Baku will do this risky step only at the expense of Artsakh.

On the other hand, strengthening of Russia’s positions in the South Caucasus is beneficial to the West, which impedes rapidly strengthening Iran, which is not beneficial both for Turkey and Azerbaijani and mainly on the background, when Iran has recently discussed the issue of making Nakhijevan a free economic zone and opening the railway, which is the best way to connect the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea.

Though our country is in difficult social-economic and geopolitical situation, we can benefit from the clash of interests of big countries. It is necessary to mobilize the forces, get free of bonds of the Eurasian Union, remove the authorities,which failed inner and foreign policy and cooperate with countries, which have the same interests and be guided by the principal of permanent interests. We can benefit much from this situation, but without the regime serving the interests of other countries.

Besides, “Nakhijevan” national-political initiative sends its deepest condolence for killed soldiers.

“Nakhijevan” national-political initiative