“I haven’t put a cross on our economy yet” (video)

Social Democratic Hnchakyan Party suggests 10 steps for the development of Armenia. It was introduced today at the SDHP “RA development road map” discussion.

“RA Foreign policy is like a child’s behavior, who doesn’t understand the explanation of surrounding objects and phenomena,”- said SDHP city council member, azatamartik Vazgen Sislyan. He announced that Armenian Foreign Ministry always responds to the announcements addressed to Armenia with delay citing OSCE Minsk Group US Co-president James Warlick’s announcement.

According to him, Armenia must take decisions following its interests, “Artsakh return to negotiation process is important. Artsakh has its right for independence and if it isn’t accepted, the negotiations must be stopped.”

Concerning Armenian-Turkish relations, Sislyan stressed that Armenia must be demanding, “Armenian-Turkish protocols must be withdrawn from the agenda and the demand for clear relations with Ankara must be put forward- recognition of Armenian Genocide and compensation.”

SDHP chairman Narek Galstyan is for parliamentarian system, “The country must become a parliamentarian republic. Only it will establish relatively stable political system.” He added that the abolition of oligarchy is an urgent problem for Armenia, but didn’t mention any step for its abolition.

“The deepening of relations with Moscow is beneficial for Armenia,- thinks Narek Galstyan, – These relations must be decent. Military development direction is Russia, but the party refuses frightened or vassal relations.”

SDHP chairman considers that membership in the Customs Union is also beneficial for Armenia in the economic field, “It will give 150 millions market, from which we are deprived now.”

To the question, what Armenia will export into 150 millions market, SDHP chairman Narek Galstyan had difficulty to answer, “In any case, I haven’t put a cross on our economy.”