“Children’s World” launched

Clothing, footwear, toys, stationery and school supplies, baby food, candy, ice cream, developing- educational games, books and manuals. All these can be seen at the “Children’s World EXPO 2014” exhibition launched today.

The exhibition was dedicated to the International Children’s Day. It is organized by Logos Expo company for the 8th time.

“Logos Expo” head director Suren Nazinyan explained why the event was organized a week later.

“We have many events on June 1 and we think that children’s holiday must be prolonged,’- he said to “A1+”.

More than 60 companies take part in the exhibition. “Zatik” orphanage former pupils work was also exhibited, mainly holiday, love and children cards.

The exhibition will last till June 9. Fairy tale characters and dance groups entertained the children during the exhibition.