Tachat Sargsyan, “Where Russia, there we”

HKK first secretary Tachat Sargsyan condemns Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbaev’s announcement on May 29 in Astana that Armenia can only join the Eurasian Union with borders recognized by the UNO, that is without Nagorno Karabakh.

“Nazarbayev violated all kinds of norms, broke ethics rules,”- noted Sargsyan.

“According to him, that issue has been discussed for years and put in membership of Armenia in the Customs Union. But it isn’t mentioned Armenia together with Karabakh.

“We haven’t recognized Karabakh independence, but we are a guarantor of its independence,”- he reminds and adds, that Armenia must be there, where Russia is, and where Armenia is, there is the NKR.

Tachat Sargsyan thinks that today we can’t force that Armenia is fixed as the CC member together with Karabakh.

“As there are general rules, but Russia must solve this problem,”- summed up HKK first secretary.