Gagik Jhangiryan: Incidents on border with Nakhichevan are unusual (video)

Armenian lawmaker Gagik Jhangiryan is concerned over the recent incidents along the Line of Contact between armed forces of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan and the tense situation on the border with Nakhichevan.

On June 5, Armenian servicemen Andranik S. Yeghoyan, 26, and Boris B. Gasparyan, 22, were killed by an Azerbaijani sniper while on battle duty in one of the military units located in the south-eastern section of the Line of Contact.

“This is unusual as the border with Nakhichevan has always been quiet and stable. I can recall one or two incidents in 15 years that occurred there,” said Gagik Jhangiryan.

In reply to the question what should be done to strengthen the security of our borders, the lawmaker said we should increase the level of combat readiness.