Funds raised for Kessab Armenians did not get to addressees (video)

Bashar al-Assad’s victory in the Syrian presidential poll means salvation for Syrians, say most Syrian-Armenians who fled to Armenia after the aggravation of the situation in Syria.

Gayane Afarian, a resident of Latakalia, a port city of Syria, who has come to Yerevan to see her son Pier Afarian, says many Armenians, who found asylum in Latakalia from different angles of Syria, are jobless and deprived of basic health, sanitation and education facilities. About 50-60 people are forced to sleep in one room.

Syrian-Armenians confess that they need financial assistance. While they do not deny that Armenia has stretched out a helping hand to them, they say that the money did not always get to the right addressees.

For more details watch the video.