Ethics Committee initiates proceedings agaisnt former Minister of Nature Protection

Armenia’s Ethics Committee dealing with cases of senior government officials, has initiated proceedings against former Minister of Nature Protection Aram Harutyunyan for violating ethical norms.

This came following an incident that took place during a Yerevan-hosted two-day international conference on mining issues in March. During the conference, a group of activists entered the hall, interrupting the event and calling the participants’ attention to environmental issues connected with the mining sector. Then the group offered government ministers a glass of water that they said was from one of polluted rivers of Armenia.

The ministers, including Aram Harutyunyan, refused to drink it and strated an argument with the activists. During the heated altercation addressing one of the young men participating in the protest, the Aram Harutyunyan said: “Know your limits, or I will tear off your ears and put them in your hand”.

The comment was taken as an offense by the activist who later took the matter to Ethics Committee for senior government officials.

Talking to reporters several days later the Aram Harutyunyan said he did not intend to insult the activist and was provoked into the argument with the activists.

The conclusion of the Ethics Committee is available here