Parents in Armenia can be barred from knowing the sex of their unborn baby: Watch discussion live!

At 12:00, the Yerevan-based Media Center is to host a discussion on the bill submitted by the Ministry of Health which implies that parents must not know the sex of the baby during pregnancy unless 30 weeks have passed.

Under the draft bill, medical staff should be instructed to withhold information about the sex of the foetus. The plan is an attempt to prevent expectant parents “selectively aborting” foetuses  as means of ‘choosing’ the sex of their child.

The discussion is initiated by the Armenian Office of Institute War and Peace Reporting.  Guests at the studio will be Karine Saribekyan, Head of Mother and Child Health Care Department at the Ministry of Health, Garik Hayrapetyan, an executive representative of UNFPA Armenia Country Office, Anush Sukiasyan, an expert of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Health Care, Maternity and Childhood, and Tamara Hovnatanyan, Chairperson of Pro-Media Gender NGO.