Lori, Aragatsotn and Yerevan are dangerous during lightning: How to be protected? (video)

During recent 4 years 10 citizens and 60 animals have been killed because of lightning. Only during 4 recent moths of 2014, 2 citizens died because of lightning. The cow was struck by lightning in front of the eyes of 12-year-old Temur Drboyan. The boy remembers it.

During summer holidays Temur helps his family and takes animals to fields to graze. He says that there is a tradition among shepherds, where lightning strikes, chapel is built.

Karapet Sarafyan has explored this phenomenon for years. According to him, Lori and Aragatsotn regions in Armenia are the most dangerous during the lightning and in Yerevan Nork and Kanaker are dangerous. Lightning is dangerous for citizens during summer in fields and forests, but mostly for shepherds and alpinists. So the specialist suggests young Temur and others that they should keep security rules.

Details in the video