How Serzh Sargsyan’s behavior is interpreted (video)

Newly independent Armenia has never been under such a big threat as today, is sure politician Davit Shahnazaryan, considering Armenia’s possible membership in the Customs Union, “If Armenia becomes a member of that organization, elections become protocols in Armenia. Corrupted system will become eternal and so on.”

Mr. Shahnazaryan warns, after joining Eurasian Union Armenia’s economic borders will be supervised from Moscow and not only in the relations with union members. And what expects to Nagorno Karabakh, “Armenian economic border means together with the NKR, after membership it won’t be like that, and that supervision won’t belong to Armenia.”

All the countries joining the Customs Union or Eurasian Economic Union have their interests, but in this case “Asparez” club head Levon Barseghyan doesn’t understand the interest of Armenia. Mr. Barseghyan is more concerned after Serzh Sargsyan’s silence after Nazarbaev’s announcement in Astana on May 29, “He decided to respond after several days, we thought he was angry and would say something. But it turned out that he agreed with Nazarbaev that Armenia and the NKR are separate.”

Advocate Arthur Sakunts thinks that Serzh Sargsyan expressed his position on the NKR with his silence, “He said that he refuses Karabakh.”