“Harsnakar” case 6 defendants were simply sacrificed” (video)

Today at the Court of Appeals, defendant Norayr Hayrapetyan’s defender Erem Sargsyan announced, “Harsnakar” case 6 defendants were simply sacrificed”. But who, it wasn’t noted in his 36 list speech.

“Only the number of culprits and defendants was kept, and anyone, who was there, could be arrested,”- announced Erem Sargsyan.

Both the victims- military doctors and defendants appealed to the Court on “Harsnakar case”.

By the decision of Court of First Instance, NA republican former deputy Ruben Hayrapetyan’s “Harsnakar” restaurant complex 6 employees were arrested for 12 years. They are accused of beating 4 military doctors two years ago, which resulted in the death of 35-year-old Vahe Avetyan.

Today defendant Norayr Hayrapetyan’s defender demanded from the court to clear out, who from defendants hit each other and what kind of dispute there was.

It was Norayr Hayrapetyan in the Court of First Instance, who announced that he hit Vahe Avetyan.

“During the whole trial there was no information who hit Vahe Avetyan, Norayr Hayrapetyan apologized and confessed. Arrest a person for what he has done,”- he said.

According to the defender, the accusation of most of arrested people isn’t proved, as they have no connection with what happened. Today defendants’ parents were also mild in their speech.

“I am very sorry for Vahe Avetyan’s family, but it doesn’t mean that innocent people must be arrested. My demand is that there must be separation. It isn’t possible that 6 people do the same activity at the same time,”- said defendant Arman Khachatryan’s father Yasha Khachatryan.