Vardan Ayvazyan did not let lawmakers address questions

During today’s discussion of the state budget execution report at the National Assembly, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Vardan Ayvazyan boasted that this year they have set a record. The Republican Party lawmaker said the discussion of the budget execution will end much earlier this year as compared with the previous years.

Perhaps, the reason was that Mr Ayvazyan did not allow lawmakers to ask reporters other questions expect for financial ones. Every now and then, the Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs interrupted lawmaker Khachatur Kokobelyan saying, “I call on you to ask only questions that relate to the budget execution, since we have a lot of questions to answer.”

Vardan Ayvazyan did not even allow Artak Shaboyan, Chairman of the State Commission for Protection of Economic Competition (SCPEC), to answer Kokobelyan’s question concerning the activities of the country’s antitrust commission.

Ayvazyan interfered again and suggested continuing the discussion in his cabinet in the presence of journalists.