Turks stage protest near Armenian Genocide Memorial in Netherlands

Over 5000 Turks gathered on Sunday near the newly-built memorial to the Armenian Genocide in Almere city in Netherlands as a sign of protest. They demand that the city authorities remove the memorial from the city and deny that Turks carried out a  premeditated genocide against the Armenian people. The local police said the number of protesters stood at 3000. Dozens of buses took people to the city from different parts of the country to participate in the protest.

About 6000 Armenians live in the city.

The local Armenian community has opened a Facebook page and spread a release which is available here https://www.facebook.com/armeensegenocide

Armenians call for Dutch authorities to prevent the conduct of similar demos in the future.

Video:  http://www.rtvoost.nl/nieuws/default.aspx?nid=191024&cat=1#prettyPhoto[pp191024]/0/