The number of children living on alimony increases

Ahead of International Children’s Day, on May 31, a traditional event was organized in the RA Justice Ministry Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service.

200 children 3-12 years old took part in it, whose issues of alimony exaction and organization of visits with parents are under the control of the service. The show program organized for children with the participation of clowns and fair tale characters, turned children’s day into a real holiday giving them opportunity to paint in JACES building yard.

According to the RA chief enforcement officer, children are the finest point of the JACES, for working with them enforcement officer must be also a good psychologist. “That’s why that issue is paid much attention by our new employees. Today we deal with more than 2500 children. Alas, this number has increased during the recent years,”- added Mihran Poghosyan.