Will Armenia return to association agreement? (video)

The accession of Armenia to the Customs Union and Eurasian Union worsens the resolution of Karabakh issue.

“That membership brings to Karabakh alienation, three presidents raised that question through Nazarbaev, as his country was the presiding member, if Russia was the presiding, it would be said by Putin,”- thinks politician Stepan Grigoryan.

The politician also expresses concern, Crimea also isn’t in the territory of Russia in the UNO map, but Belarus and Kazakhstan are ready to be members with such Russia, but they don’t want with Armenia.

Stepan Grigoryan also reminds that until September 3 we were either asked or pressured, but we were suggested the membership in the Eurasian Union also including the promises. But everything changed on May 29, “Now we are to ask, we are trying to integrate. It is a serious change. I don’t feel, that we are accepted to that union with pleasure.”

He also remembers that both Armenian and Russian officials said that they would enter the Customs Union and Eurasian Union only with Karabakh, “They said that Russia would support us, but we saw that they didn’t keep their promise.”

Stepan Grigoryan suggests that Armenian people should support the authorities with such approach, we must show Russia that we are not running to them with open arms. We mustn’t hurry to join, we must show that we are concerned, “Discussions must be organized in Armenia, both in the NA and out. The level of complaints must be high inside, so that our authorities can go there and say that because of their behavior, people don’t want to integrate the Customs Union in our country. It means that the authorities must get some leverage to influence on those countries.”

The politician also didn’t exclude that in the near future Armenia can refresh the process of signing association agreement.