Bagratyan explains Nazarbaev’s words

HAK Deputy Hrant Bagratyan’s Facebook post

Today all have been discussing Nazarbaev’s words on the aspect of NKR issue in case of joining EurAsEC. He mainly said that NKR issue was raised while joining WTO. And now, that issue is again raised while joining EurAsEC. So the RA must join EurAsEC within the borders recognized by the UNO. Today most of the politicians and analysts have been discussing this issue. But in reality, Nazarbaev didn’t say anything about the NKR. NKR isn’t castaway. When RA partnership issue was discussed in the WTO, that international institution made such a decision, as world created Minsk group on political aspect, which must decide NKR status, but on economic aspect Artsakh is free to decide the country, through which it will trade. In the same way the NKR uses Armenian dram and WTO can’t reject it. More, we get loans from WTO. I also note, that I personally supported the investments of trans- national corporations recognized in the NKR economy. Our neighbor country complained to international organizations, but was rejected, NKR economic autonomy was respected. So at present (if other document isn’t adopted), NKR will continue conducting independent foreign economic policy writing on products and services, “Made in Armenia.”